Also mentioned in the section "Terms of Use" (with the same numbering)


6. Security of electronic transactions

The electronic transactions which are executed via the use of a bank card, are processed through the Electronic Payments System “Alpha e-Commerce” of ALPHA BANK. Encryption TLS 1.2 with the encryption protocol 128-Bit (secure Sockets Layer-SSL) is being used. SEEDNET TRADING LTD does not collect, process, neither stores the details of the credit, debit or prepaid card of the client. SEEDNET TRADING LTD is registered within the General Commercial Registry (G.C.R) of the Remote Suppliers, as provided by article 3ic of the Greek Law 2251/1994 “About Consumer Protection” and has the registration number 151576508001.


7. Methods of payment and execution of the order.

Payment is completed via the use of a credit, debit or prepaid card, Pay Pal, payment on delivery or by a bank deposit in the SEEDNET TRADING LTD bank accounts.


8. Items on sale

Most of the products contained within the webpage are immediately available. In the case of a client ordering a product which is unavailable, the client is informed via the telephone within five (5) work days.


9. Prices and VAT

The listed prices of the products are in Euro (€) and include the corresponding Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) and all the rest of the legal charges. SEEDNET TRADING LTD reserves the right to re-adjust the prices without any prior warning, but is bound to uphold the prices which were listed at the time when the order was made. The listed prices do not include the shipping cost, which is calculated and added at the completion stage of the said order.


10. Invoicing

SEEDNET TRADING LTD issues retail receipts for each purchase of products done by private citizens via its webpage. However, for companies or freelancers SEEDNET TRADING LTD issues invoices with the condition that all the necessary details of such client are submitted, i.e. company name, profession, business address, tax registry number and Tax Registry Authority. The receipts of purchase or the invoices are sent and delivered together and along with the merchandise.


11. Force Majeure

A specific order can be completed in delay for the reason of force majeure and SEEDNET TRADING LTD is not responsible in any way for such a delay. In such a case, the company notifies the client for the reason the delay and sets the new time line for the completion of the order, giving at the same time to the client the right to withdraw from the said order with a full refund of the paid price.


12. Order cancellation policy and return of product

A cancellation of an order can be done so long as the processing process has not been initiated and not later than 24 hours from the time of the order’s final submission in the website The cancellation can be done either by telephone (+30 2294304299), or via e-mail ( by sending a relevant request with the title “Cancellation of an order” and by providing the order number. The process of refund of the paid price will be completed within ten (10) work days -which are calculated from the date of the cancellation of the said order- by a method which corresponds to the initial method of payment.

Return of goods because of an error made either in its (excess) quantity upon delivery or a real product defect, is done at the expense of SEEDNET TRADING LTD, following a relevant written request by the client via e-mail, which must be sent within five (5) work days from the day of the delivery of the product-to-be-returned.

Once the defect is identified, the product will be replaced, or, in the case which such a replacement cannot be completed in due time, the transaction will be cancelled and the paid price will be refunded to the client by the same method that such payment was initially finalized.

The product-to-be-returned must be accompanied with the relevant documentation, must be stored in proper temperature conditions (8-15 degrees Celsius) and must be inside its original intact packaging. The packaging of the product must not be opened or destroyed. Any fertilizers that are scheduled to be returned must be delivered by the client to the storage facility of SEEDNET TRADING LTD.


13. Withdrawal Right

According to the provisions of Greek Law 2251/1994 “About consumer protection”, as it is valid today, the client has the right to withdraw unjustifiably from the contract of the sale of products within the exclusive time limit of fourteen (14) calendar days which are calculated from the date of the delivery of the product, by sending to SEEDNET TRADING LTD via e-mail a relevant withdrawal letter. After the expiry of the above time period, the client cannot exercise such a right and SEEDNET TRADING LTD does not have any subsequent obligation towards the client.

Due to the nature of the products on sale, and so as to complete the whole right of withdrawal procedure, it is necessary that the product-be-be-returned is stored in proper temperature conditions (8-15 degrees Celsius) and remains within its original packaging. The product packaging must not be opened or destroyed. The product-to-be-returned is delivered by the client to the business address of SEEDNET TRADING LTD or is sent via courier-mail at his own expense. After the reception and examination of the returned product, and within a time period of fourteen (14) calendar days calculated from the day when the right of withdrawal is initially exercised, SEEDNET TRADING LTD refunds the paid amount in the bank account of the client.


14. Sales’ liability of SEEDNET TRADING LTD

SEEDNET TRADING LTD is bound by the provisions of the Greek Civil Code concerning the sale, as well as the provisions of the Greek Law 2251/1994 “About Consumer Protection”, as it is valid today. SEEDNET TRADING LTD takes all the necessary steps to insure a smooth, safe and constant operation of the website and bares no responsibility for any damage caused to the client who is browsing through the said webpage or is using the website’s provided services, especially due to web applications installed in ignorance of the company or due to any technical problems of the server.


15. Applied Law – Jurisdiction

The present conditions are subject to the provisions of the Greek Law. For any relevant dispute that may arise, the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek Courts, in Athens, Greece.